How Do Our Staff Feel About
Working in the Autism Department?

"As a therapist working with families affected by autism, I always feel the utmost responsibility for giving these families what they are desperately searching for.  It becomes a personal responsibility to not let one child or family down.  Many times, these families look at their therapists as an extension of their family.  When a child is having a hard time, we all feel the struggle.  When a child makes progress, we all feel like together as a team we have made great accomplishments.  I can't think of a job that is more rewarding both personally and professionally than being able to make a difference in the life of a child."


“Stepping Stones Learning Center's Autism program is very unique. Our program allows therapists and teachers to work closely together to develop strategies and techniques to meet the needs of each of our students. Each student's program is specifically tailored to meet their needs.  SSLC’s autism program allows therapists and teachers to be creative and innovative to develop the appropriate resources to help children achieve their individual goals. Our program not only focuses on academic skills, but also life skills and social development, which have long lasting positive effect on the children’s lives.”


“I have enjoyed working at SSLC for the last 5+ years.  The children that I work with everyday are the reason that I love my job!  Although our jobs as behavioral interventionists can be difficult and stressful, seeing the progress that the kids we work with make makes it all worth while.  Each and every child at the agency has their own special way of making all of the teachers/therapist smile.”



“I have been at SSLC since December of 2007.  I love working at SSLC because of the wonderful students and families I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.  The staff is like one big family.  They are friendly and helpful and a joy to work with.  I love that SSLC is family oriented and devoted to helping families.  The flexibility Stepping Stones has provided for me being a parent myself has been amazing!  I know I would not be able to find that anywhere else!”



“I enjoy working at SSLC because of the feeling I get when I walk in the door each day.  It is a place where we have fun and we get to be kids again.  Our staff works together like a family and supports each other in so many ways.  We have a clear understanding of our students, their interests, their needs and we constantly reflect to make ourselves better at what we do.  We all work toward a common goal which is inclusion and giving our students the tools they need to be successful when they transition.   In addition to working with the students, it is also very rewarding to work with the families and see them progress over the years.”


“I enjoy working at SSLC because of the caring and knowledgeable staff.  I have found that the other therapists (in the clinic) have been willing to meet with me and talk with me about the goals that we are both working towards with our students.  Sometimes they know the students better (had them last year or have ten sessions with the child compared to my one in the classroom).  I have found a willingness with the employees to really work on a child's behavior and while we all need to be consistent in our approach, we all remember that children change and their circumstances change.  The monthly team consults have helped us to be proactive instead of reactive in the way we handle some of our students behaviors.  The fact that we have specialists on the team can help us all to be more proactive.  I also like how objective some of my supervisors are and that they really care about the children, too. This collaboration helps to provide the best service delivery models.”